Come See the ZING KNK Cutter at Kari’s

It’s the perfect addition to your sewing room!


Every sewing room deserves a cutter and Kari will help you get started!

It sells for $459 which includes Make-The-Cut software and includes two 12″ x 12″ mats, 3 blades (fabric, paper, thick) and a USB cord.  Kari’s offer includes more than the normal internet offer of only a single blade and mat.  PLUS, Kari will help you install the driver and plug-in that operates the Make The Cut!™ software.

Stop in at Kari’s for a demo!


See ZING Accessories Below

Red Blade

Red Blade Holder

Yellow Blade

Yellow Blade Holder

Embossing Tool

Embossing Tool

Low Tack 12 x 12

Low Tack Mat 12″ x 12″

Low Tack 12 x 24

Low Tack Mat 12″ x 24″

High Tack 12 x 12

High Tack Mat 12″ x 12″

High Tack 12 x 24

High Tack Mat 12″ x 24″


Travel Case