The Edge Digital Cutter opens up a new world of customer cutwork designs for paper crafting, quilting, and embellishing.

The Edge12 has a 12″ cutting width. The Edge15 features a 15″ cutting width and connects wirelessly with your computer.  The included Artistic SimpleCut software can do much more than just basic editing. Use one of 3,500 included designs, import artwork that you have already made, or create your own! Scrapbookers will love the ability to create custom shapes; quilters will love creating one-step appliqué and decorators will love the projects that they can create for the home.

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See Artistic Edge Accessories Below

Red Cap Blade Set

Yellow Cap Blade Set

Blue Cap Blade Set

Blade Holder

Pen Holder

Creasing Tool


Pick N Release Tool

Perfect Press Sheet

Hook Tool

Low Tack Mat 12″ x 12″

Low Tack Mat 15″ x 15″

High Tack Mat 12″ x 12″

High Tack Mat 15″ x 15″

High Tack Mat 12″ x 24″

High Tack Mat 15″ x 30″